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You care for your business - we support and supply, what you need for it.

We do not only provide voice termination worldwide in premium quality and phone numbers from Germany and approx. 60 further countries as well as UIFNs (universal international freephone numbers aka +800), we also operate various interfaces towards authorities and other carriers in behalf of our customers.

Increase your added value, having us as your partner! Make more by yourself instead of buying finished! Missing ingredients are available at PLANinterNET's. Handling of number porting data (german PDA-Verfahren, Portierungsdatenaustausch), interconnections to Telekom Deutschland, what else topic may we assist?

Small and medium sized carriers, internet service providers, and system houses are numerous among our customers, not only because of our very low wholesale rates, but also, because they reach promtly qualified contacts at ours.

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